Jaesung Koo

Emeryville, CA

Phone: +1 (415)-619-7845 / Email: mrz1277@gmail.com / Github: mrz1277

Work Experience


Software Developer


UJET develops a client communication platform which is leading a transformation in how today's call centers can leverage advanced technologies to be more efficient and customer friendly

  • worked remotely in Korea until 2018 and moved to SF in 2019
  • mainly developed iOS SDK


Startup / Software Developer

2013 - 2014

CONBUS run an anonymous social network service for students named 'BBIYAGI' which is like 'Yik Yak' in US. CONBUS is recently famous for 'Around'.

  • developed iOS application
  • developed admin pages to help management easy and visualize data
  • maintained back-end legacy code written in Spring framework
  • automated deployment process using scripts

ROK Cyber Command

Army / Sergeant

2011 - 2013

The Republic of Korea(South Korea) has a conscription military system. I worked for the country from October 2011 to July 2013.

  • developed softwares about security such as DLP


Inha University

Computer Science, Bachelor

GPA: 4.2/4.5 (graduated one year early)


DB Mashup Contest 1st Prize 2013

won it with Cinergy

SW Maestro 2010 - 2011

SW Maestro is software accelerating program backed by the government.

Personal Projects

제주 가기 좋은 날 (Chrome)

Aug, 2015

A chrome extension for booking flights to Jeju in South Korea.

Starsucks (Chrome, Safari)

Jul, 2015

Connect Starbucks wifi without typing fields

LoL Stats (Mac App Store)

Mar, 2015 ~

In-game detailed summoner statistics for OS X


Mar, 2015 ~

unofficial OS X patch for Korea(language support)

영화 (App Store)

Feb, 2015

  • service on Amazon, data crawling on Heroku
  • share backends with Cine Kim

Big Picture (Work In Porgress)

Before my last travel, I'd researched locations to shooting film. I've found lots of awesome photos from various sites. It took a long time, but it was worth it. Big Picture can help you reduce time for finding where to go and take great pictures while traveling. It gathers geo-tagged picture from various sources and marks on the map.

  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js on Heroku
  • sources from flickr, 500px, vimeo and instagram

Cine Kim

2014.10(beta) ~

The Cine Kim is upgrade version of the Cinergy. It has Ken Burn effected backdrop images on top, auto played soundtracks on bottom and daily charts of the boxoffice in the middle. The Medium-style review section is an also unique feature.

  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB
  • http://cine.kim (It's Korean only, so just browse links below the search bar.)



Indroduction video

The Cinergy is a personal movie web site which can manage history about movies. In the Cinergy, Each movie page has unique apperance. The color schemes defined by backdrop image make movie look and feel better. The idea came from album cover of iTunes 11.

  • Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Backbone.js on AWS ElasticBeanstalk


2011 - 2013

It's my first movie project. It's simple. Search and save movies just like the iBooks. And additional informations such as review or ratings are availale. Sadly, It was closed in 2013 because no monetization.

  • iOS, Google App Engine(Java)


Although I have many other experiences about languages and frameworks, below thigns are my favorites and the best performance to build stuff by myself.

  • Front-End

    • iOS(Objective-C, Swift)
  • Back-End

    • Node.js
    • Heroku
    • Firebase



'Iceland Cinematic 4K' - Iceland(2019)

'Golden State' - San Francisco(2016)

'City of Light' - New York, Chicago, Yellowknife(2013)

'New York' (2013)